5 Nollywood Stars You Didn’t Know Are Canadian

Nollywood contained a  wealth of highly skilled Actors, writers, directors, and filmmakers as the film and television industry of Nigeria, it’s understandable to assume that all involved are of Nigerian origin. However, this is not always the case.

In this article, we will unveil five Nollywood celebrities who also hold Canadian citizenship. Get ready to discover their identities! Let’s get started.

1. Jackie Appiah

Yes, that’s correct! Jackie Appiah is a Ghanaian actress who has made a name for herself in the Nigerian movie industry, commonly known as Nollywood. She is a talented and versatile actress who has appeared in numerous Nollywood movies, both in lead and supporting roles. Some of her most notable movies in Nollywood include “Her Excellency,” “The King is Mine,” “Princess Tyra,” “The Return of Beyonce,” “Wind of Love,” and many more.

Jackie Appiah is widely respected in the movie industry for her exceptional acting skills and has won numerous awards for her performances, including the Best Actress in a Leading Role award at the 2010 Africa Movie Academy Awards for her role in “Perfect Picture.” She is also a philanthropist and is involved in several charitable causes.

Jackie Appiah was actually born in Canada on December 5, 1983, but she is a Ghanaian actress by nationality. Her parents are both Ghanaian, and she spent most of her childhood in Ghana before moving to Canada with her family.

Jackie Appiah is a proud African woman who has contributed immensely to the growth of the African movie industry, especially in Ghana and Nigeria. She is loved and respected by fans across the continent and beyond, not only for her acting skills but also for her humanitarian work and philanthropic efforts.

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2. Rogers Ofime

5 Nollywood Stars You Didn’t Know Are Canadian

Rogers Ofime, a prominent Nigerian filmmaker and television producer, has achieved great success producing several highly acclaimed Nigerian television soap operas, including the immensely popular Tinsel and the more recent hit, Hush.

Although Rogers has spent much of his career in Nigeria, he is now based in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, where he has become a Canadian citizen. Despite being of Nigerian origin, Rogers is proud to have obtained Canadian citizenship and continues to contribute to the Nigerian film and television industry from his new home in Canada.

3. Jude Idada

Jude Idada is a multi-talented artist from Nigeria who has made a name for himself as a screenwriter, actor, poet, playwright, and producer. His notable works include the feature film, The Tenant, as well as other movies and stage plays such as House Girls, The River, Simi, and Tatu.

Although born in Nigeria, Jude immigrated to Canada a long time ago and has since become a Canadian citizen, while retaining his Nigerian heritage. He has settled into life in Canada, where he currently serves as the Artistic Director of the Africa Theatre Ensemble in Toronto.

Overall, Jude Idada’s career and contributions to the arts industry both in Nigeria and Canada demonstrate his immense talent and passion for storytelling and creativity.

4. Pascal Atuma

5 Nollywood Stars You Didn’t Know Are Canadian

Pascal Atuma is a talented artist from both Canada and Nigeria, known for his work as an actor, producer, director, screenwriter, and filmmaker. He has appeared in a number of movies, including Okoto the Messenger, Through The Glass, and Secret Past.

As a Canadian citizen, Pascal is based in Toronto, where he has established himself as an important figure in the Canadian film industry. His expertise in multiple aspects of film production has earned him critical acclaim and made him a sought-after collaborator in the film community.

Overall, Pascal Atuma’s diverse skill set and dedication to his craft have made him a prominent and influential figure in both the Nigerian and Canadian film industries.

5. Linda Osifo

Linda Osifo is a multi-talented Nigerian celebrity known for her exceptional skills in acting, television hosting, and pageantry. In 2012, she made her acting debut in the United States with a role in the production “Family Secrets” before relocating to Nigeria where she starred in her first Nollywood movie titled “King Akubueze” in 2013. Her acting career continued to flourish with notable appearances in several television series, including the long-running soap “Tinsel,” “Fifty (The Series),” “Desperate Housewives Africa,” and “Jemeji.” Linda also graced the big screen with her performances in movies such as “Merry Men 2,” “Unroyal,” and “Tanwa Savage.”

Although Linda was born in Edo State, Nigeria, she spent a considerable part of her adult life in Canada after moving there at the age of 16. She eventually acquired Canadian citizenship and is considered a Canadian citizen.

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