9mobile (Etisalat) Data Plans

9mobile (Etisalat) Data Plans. Etisalat, which is now known as 9mobile, is among the fastest-growing mobile networks in Nigeria and Africa at large. They have a wide range of data and tariff plans for their subscribers.

9mobile(Etisalat) provides a speedy network for browsing the internet. Even though their data plans seem to be high compared to other network providers like MTN and Airtel, one unique thing about them is that they are very fast and reliable.

9mobile(Etisalat) Data Plans

Etisalat, which is the same as 9mobile, offers good and cheap data plans for their subscribers or customers. This article will provide you with all the data plans offered by 9mobile, their prices, and the code to buy them. Below are 9mobile(Etisalat) data plans.

9mobile (Etisalat) daily data plan

9mobile offers daily plans for its customers and subscribers at affordable prices to enable them to continue browsing the internet. Below is the list of 9mobile daily data plans.

  • To subscribe for 25 MB (Mega Byte) of data bundle, dial *229*3*8#. Data costs 50 Naira, which is valid for one day.
  • For 100 MB of data, dial *229*3*1#. Data costs 100 Naira and is also valid for a day.
  • To buy 600MB worth of data, dial *229*3*2#. Data cost 200 and is valid for one day.
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9mobile(Etisalat) 1000 Naira plans

Etisalat also offers a 1000 Naira data plan for its subscribers. To subscribe, dial *229*2*7#, this plan last for a month and is valid for 30 days. 1000 Naira gives 1.5GB worth of data.

9mobile (Etisalat) 2000 Naira data plan

9mobile provided a 2000 Naira 4.5GB data plan for its customer or subscribers which last for a month. To buy 4.5GB worth of data for 2000 Naira, dial *229*28#.

Etisalat/9mobile weekly data plans

This service and network providers call 9mobile also has weekly data plans for their users to use the internet. Below are 9mobile’s weekly data plans.

  • 9mobile offers 2.5GB of data for 500 Naira. Data last for three days, to subscribe dial *229*2*1#
  • Another weekly data plan offered by Etisalat is 7GB for 1500 Naira valid for 7 days. To buy dial *229*2*2#.

9mobile’s monthly data bundle

Etisalat also known as 9mobile provide its subscriber with a monthly data bundle. The data bundle prices and activation codes are discussed below

  • To activate the 500MB worth of data, which is valid for 30 days, dial *229*2*12#. Data costs 500 Naira.
  • 2GB for 1200 Naira, to activate it on your phone that has the 9mobile sim in it dial *229*2*25#. The data bundle or plan lasts for 30 days (one month).
  • 9mobile also offer 3GB of data which cos 1500 Naira and last for one month. To subscribe to 9mobile 3GB plan dial *229*2*3#.
  • 4.5GB of data cost 2000 Naira which also lasts for one month. To activate dial *229*2*8#,
  • 9mobile offers an 11GB data plan for 4000 Naira. Dial *229*2*37# to subscribe. This bundle last for one month or 30 days.
  • You can also subscribe to 15GB data plan for 5000 Naira which is valid for 30 days. To register, buy or subscribe dial the following 9mobile USSD code *229*2*37#.
  • For high data bundle users, 9mobile also offers a large data bundle for its customers. For a data plan of 40GB dial *229*4*1# to subscribe which cost 10,000 Naira. This data bundle last for a month(30 days) too.
  • Also, they offer 75GB worth of data for 15,000 Naira. These data plan has a duration of 30 days to last, to buy this data plan dial *229*2*4#

Unlimited Data plans from 9mobile(Etisalat)

9mobile (Etisalat) Data Plans

9mobile also offer the following unlimited data plans

  • For 30GB of data, which can last for 90 days, it cost 27,000 Naira. To subscribe to this data plan, dial *229*2*4#.
  • 60GB for 4 months, this data bundle cost 55,000 Naira. To subscribe to the 60GB data plan, dial the USSD code *229*5*2#.
  • they also offer 100GB worth of data for 65,000 Naira. This data plan or bundle is a one-month plan which you can buy or subscribe to using *229*4*5#.
  • The largest or biggest data plan offered by 9mobile is the 120GB plan. This big plan costs 110,000 Naira to subscribe dial *229*5*3#

How to check 9mobile(Etisalat) data plans balance

9mobile again offers its subscribers the liberty to monitor their data plan balance as they browse the internet. There are two ways or methods in which you can check your data plan balance.

You can check your data plan balance by dialling this USSD code *228# and following the instructions to know or check your data plan balance.

Another way or method to check your 9mobile, also called Etisalat data plan balance is by sending a text message “Bal” to 228, and within a minute you will receive a response in the form of a text message which has the remaining balance of your data plan.

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