About US

Ginfocom is a blog dedicated to digital marketing, online business and Technology.

Ginfocom was created in order to provide a reference point for people who want to keep up with all the changes in the internet world. We have been publishing articles and have summarised the most important topics in digital marketing, online business and Tech.

Ginfocom was founded with the goal of helping and aiding people and businesses to succeed in their own online ventures. It all started as a personal project but now it had grown into something much bigger than just a hobby. We were, and still are, amazed at the impact this little website has had on so many people around the world.

Ginfocom strives for excellence in everything we do from reviewing products or services to what we write on our blog or on social media.

Most people associate SEO with search engine optimization, but it is more than that. In the broad sense of the word, SEO is a vast umbrella that encompasses everything from basic on-page optimization to technical optimization techniques such as coding changes.

At ginfocom we specialise in blog about how to create an online business with business blogging tips for starting a blog and how to get found on Google.