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Best 30 Legit online business that pays (2022)

Our world today is becoming a global village where everyone and businesses are going online. You can tap from the above-listed online business that pays by going for one that suits your ability, and you can do or learn it and start exploring your way to financial freedom.

There are so many ways and legit mediums you can start earning online, explore them, and save yourself from financial bondage, as there is no nobility in poverty.

When it comes to finding an online business that pays, you may be stuck in a rut after looking for the perfect start-up that will pay off in the end.

Consider something new. This article suggests some ideas on finding an online business that pays you immediately – with potentially more coming in the future! You might even look for one with certainty that is funded or has backing already.

What is online business?

As the name implies, online business is a kind of business that is done on the internet. Buying and selling of products, goods, and services are done online with no physical contact.

However, it would be best to have a good internet connection and a smartphone or computer to start an online business.

Virtual Top-up (VTU)

Virtual Top Up (VTU) is a lucrative online business that pays you between 1K and 5K naira daily. A VTU is an online business where a vendor or reseller tops up a customer with airtime or data and pays their bills, etc., for which they earn a commission. With as little as 5k naira,

How to register

log in to Dataway.
Click on register
Fill in all the information, most especially your email and phone number.
After registering, go to your email to confirm your account.
Then log in to your dashboard and upgrade to a reseller.

Note you need to credit your wallet with at least a 5k naira upgrading fee lifetime.


As a reseller, you will enjoy great discounts on all transactions. For example, 1 GB of MTN data will be sold to you at 290 naira, which you can sell at 450. This means that for every piece of data you sell, you have a profit of 130 naira on just that data alone.

This implies that when you top up ten customers with 1GB of data each, your profit earned 1300 naira.


Do you know you can start earning income writing on your passion? Yes, you heard me right. Blogging is also an online business that pays pretty well. All you need to do is create a website, get a hosting plan as low as #300 per month, start writing unique and plagiarism articles, publish them on your website or blog, and market them to get traffic.

online business that pays

After writing at least 15-20 unique articles and publishing them, then you applied for monetization. There are a lot of Ads companies that you can apply for monetization of your website traffic, including Google AdSense, ezioc, propeller ads, astera, etc.

This ad word company places ads or advertisements on your website which you can earn from every view, click or impression you get. This is also a very good online business that pays.

Affiliate marketing

You can earn income daily through affiliate marketing. This form of marketing is seen as promoting other persons or company goods, products, or services, which in return earn a commission for every sale through you.

You can promote affiliate links on your blog or website for an agreed amount of impressions or clicks. This is no doubt a good online business that pays.

Marketing on Facebook

Facebook marketing is another method for an online business that pays very well. Facebook is one of the biggest online market spaces to sell or promote any business, product, or service.

online business that pays

With good popularity followers on Facebook, you can negotiate with any company or organization to promote or advertise their products or services on your Facebook space on an agreed amount on some engagements, reached, or sales.


Another great platform to make money online is Quora. Create a space on quora and promote it to get large followers, recommended 10k+, and apply for monetization. When approved, Quora can place ads on your space for which you earned money for every click, view, or made on your space.

Freelance writing

You can use your skill and talent in writing to make money with it. Freelance writing is a cool online business that pays in our today’s world. As a freelance writer, you can write articles, blog posts, news, etc., for websites, blogs, news agencies, and more which they pay you an agreed price per article or word. Many companies and bloggers are looking for a content writer you can start earning by becoming one.


Why not turn your knowledge into business? You can turn your God-given intelligence to start earning income with it. Tutoring is an online business that pays you hourly, daily, weekly, or monthly by organizing online classes for people all over the world that want your service and are willing to pay. Why not start now?

Trading bitcoin

Bitcoin is a legit online business that pays. You can make a lot of cash by trading on bitcoin if you know crypto.

Online survey

online business that pays

Another easy online business that pays is taking an online survey. For example, on inbox-dollars, you get paid for doing everyday online activities like reading emails, taking online surveys, playing games, and watching videos.

There are other platforms that you can venture into and start earning at home.

Creating and publishing an eBook

An ebook, also known as the electronic book, is an article or publication made available online, including text, images, or both, which can be downloaded and read on an electronic medium.

Suppose you are knowledgeable in a particular area. In that case, you can put it in writing form using canvas or other eBook creation applications then convert it into PDF format and upload an e-commerce store such as Amazon or others for sale.

This is another surest online business that pays.

Application (app) development

App development is also a good online business that pays well these days. You can create mobile applications for websites, blogs, games, and others and earn lots of income.

You must not need to know programming or coding before you can develop an app. Many websites such as and others make it easy to create an app without coding or using scripts.

You need to create an account with them and start earning income from creating apps and publishing them on the play store or the IOS store and start earning daily.


Drop-shipping is another form of online business that pays, and you can earn through it. This kind of online business is all about taking an order from a client or customer online, then get them from a wholesaler or retailer and deliver them to the customer in return to make a profit.

This kind of business needs to be very honest, dedicated, and trustworthy to build customer confidence and keep the money flowing.

Graphic designer

If you are skilled in graphics design, you can start earning with it by promoting it online and through social media platforms to get customers to showcase what you create as samples. A company or organization can hire you to design their logo, banners, posters, etc., and get paid.

Been a YouTuber

YouTube is one of the good platforms to earn. It would be best to discover what you can do best, create a YouTube channel, start making videos on it, and post on the channel.

Make sure you made valuable content related to what the channel is created for. For example, if you are a comedian, you can create a funny comedy skit and upload it, market your channel to get subscribers at least 1k, then apply for monetization and start earning monthly.

Email Marketing

Email Marketing is the act of sending emails to a targeted audience or subscribers to inform them of certain products or services. Email Marketing is closely related to affiliate marketing discuss above you can promote a company brand, product or services to subscriber or people through email and once anyone of them buys a product through the link in the email that you send, you will earn a commission.

Teach foreign language

This online business that pays is related to tutoring but is more specific to language. If you are good in any of the foreign languages such as English, French, Spanish, Hebrew, Arabic, and others, why not start earning by teaching people globally through organizing online classes which they pay you as agreed

Computer software developing

In this era of technological advancements, information communication technology (IT) is one of the fast-growing businesses globally. If you are skilled or have knowledge in programming, coding, or scriptwriting, you can develop computer software and sell it out and make a high income from it.

Start podcast

Do you know you can? Start earning from podcasts? The podcast is a recorded digital audio file that can be uploaded online for easy download and listening. Most especially people with visual disabilities, learn online through podcasts.

Why not explore such a platform which good and legit online business that pays well.

Facebook page selling

Many celebrities, religious bodies, bloggers, and companies are looking for Facebook pages with thousands of followers and like to buy. Therefore, if you know about creating and growing a Facebook page, create as many pages, grow it, and sell to earn money.

Running Facebook ads

This is another cool online business that pays these days. You can help people run ads for them on Facebook for their targeted audience to help promote their business or brand online. They will pay you for the service rendered.

Running Google AdWord

If you are knowledgeable on search engine optimization (SEO), blogging, and Google ads, just as in Facebook ads. You can help companies, organizations, or individuals run their AdWord on Google, which is aimed at promoting their brand or getting traffic to their website, for which you get paid.


This is a very lucrative and cool online business that pays. With your skills in writing, you can offer or apply to write for a company to promote certain products or services or write for bloggers, news agencies, and many others, for which you get paid as you agreed.

Web designing

Many companies, and schools, are now going digital and global, and every one of them needs a website. You can use your knowledge in web designing and secure a contract with them and earn from it.

Teach blogging

Newbies who are interested in blogging but need guidance can use the avenue to earn from them by organizing online classes at an agreed price.


Also known as electronic commerce, where you buy and sell online with no physical contact. So if you have the money, you can start an e-commerce website or store just like Jumia, Alibaba, etc., and start earning money by selling your product and services online. This kind of business is capital intensive, but it is a pretty cool online business that pays.

Offering SEO services

For every website to appear on Google or any search engine, that search must have done all the necessary search engine optimization. Therefore, with your expertise in SEO logarithm, you can offer such a service and make a high income from it.

Managing social media account

Managing social media accounts has now become a cool medium to earn. Suppose you are good at social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and others and know how to manage it.

In that case, you can offer your service to these celebrities, politicians, public figures, or religious bodies who have social media accounts, and you get paid monthly.

Products and services marketing

Many companies and organizations are looking for individuals who can market their products and services online. You can offer to do it and make a commission for every product or service sold through you.

Facebook influencer

Facebook has the biggest audience among social media platforms. Therefore, becoming an influencer on Facebook will do you good as the company can hire you to promote their product through their products or services, and you get paid.

Being an influencer means you have won people’s trust and confidence over time, and they believe in you.

Earn online through the video editing

With your knowledge of video editing, you can start earning online with it. You can edit YouTube videos for YouTubers and get paid.


Our world today is becoming a global village where everyone and businesses are going online. You can tap from the above-listed online business that pays by going for one that suits your ability, and you can do or learn it and start exploring your way to financial freedom.

There are so many ways and legit mediums you can start earning online, explore them, and save yourself from financial bondage, as there is no nobility in poverty.

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