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Having a trustworthy and reasonably priced data plan is critical in today’s digital era since being connected is crucial. Glo, one of the leading network providers, provides a variety of data plans to cater to the various demands of its clients. Glo has you covered whether you are a light user who only wants data for a day or a big user who needs a monthly package.

Glo data plan

Glo’s data plans provide customers access to the internet, allowing them to surf the web, stream movies, connect on social media, and carry out a variety of other online tasks. Glo has gained popularity among consumers in several places thanks to its broad coverage and affordable prices.

Importance of data plans

In today’s connected society, data plans have become essential. They make it convenient for us to use Internet services, connect with others, and obtain information. Making the most of the digital environment we live in might be difficult without a good data plan. Glo data plans guarantee that you maintain productivity and connectivity for both personal and business goals.

Overview of Glo as a network provider

Glo is a telecommunications company operating in several nations, including Nigeria. It has established itself as a leading provider of voice and data services, offering reliable connectivity and affordable plans to millions of users. Glo’s commitment to quality service has earned it a loyal customer base.

Different types of Glo data plans

To meet the various needs of its subscribers, Glo offers a wide variety of data plans. Glo offers alternatives that are ideal for everyone, whether you need data for a little period of time or for a long time.

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Daily plans

For consumers who just need data for a short period of time, Glo provides daily data plans that are ideal. With these plans, users may stay connected without committing to a long-term plan since they are given a specific amount of data that is good for 24 hours. To Subscribe: Text “14” to 127 or Dial *127*14#

Weekly plans

Glo provides weekly subscriptions for users who want data for a week. For clients who demand regular internet connections throughout the week, these plans provide greater value because they offer bigger data allotments than daily plans. To Subscribe: Text “51” to 127 or Dial *127*51#

Monthly plans

Users with larger data demands or who prefer the comfort of an extended plan can choose one of Glo’s monthly data plans. These plans provide consumers with uninterrupted access for the duration of the month and have high data allotments. To Subscribe: Text “53” to 127 or Dial *127*53#

Campus data booster plans

Glo is aware of the data requirements of students and provides campus data booster programs in order to meet their demands. These programs give students more data at reasonable prices, enabling them to maintain connections while continuing their studies. Dial *777# to subscribe.

Social plans

Glo also has social plans that are specially designed for those who use social media sites often. These plans offer data specifically for social media use, enabling customers to remain in touch with friends and family on well-known websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

Benefits of using Glo data plans

Glo data plans provide a number of benefits that make them a popular option for many consumers.

Affordable pricing

The affordable prices of Glo data plans are well known. Cost-conscious individuals will find the organization to be an appealing option because it works to provide inexpensive solutions without sacrificing the reliability and speed of the internet connection.

High-speed internet

Glo’s data plans give customers access to high-speed internet, guaranteeing lag-free video streaming, fast browsing, and speedy downloads. Users may enjoy online activities without annoying delays or buffering problems because of high internet rates.

Wide coverage

Glo has a wide network reach, enabling connection in both urban and rural areas and reaching several locations. Glo is a dependable option for individuals who demand regular internet connection because to its extensive coverage, which guarantees that customers can remain connected no matter where they are.

Bonus data and rewards

Glo often offers bonus data and rewards to its subscribers. These incentives provide additional value and allow users to enjoy more data without any extra cost. Whether through promotional offers or loyalty programs, Glo rewards its customers and keeps them engaged.

How to check Glo data balance

Users can easily check their remaining data balance by dialing a USSD code  *127*0# on your phone or through the self-care portal. This allows them to keep track of their usage and plan accordingly.

Data rollover feature

Data rollover is a service offered by Glo that enables customers to carry over unused data to the following subscription term. Users may make the most of their data plan by never losing any unused data thanks to this functionality.

Data Sharing

Additionally, Glo offers data sharing, letting users send data to their friends and relatives. By fostering connection and cooperation, this feature makes it simple for users to share their data resources as needed.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Q1: How can I check my data balance?

To check your data balance on Glo, simply dial 1270# on your mobile device. You will receive an SMS with your remaining data balance.

Q2: Can I share my data with others?

Yes, Glo allows you to share your data with others. Dial 12701*[recipient’s number]# to share data with a Glo subscriber.

Q3: Can I roll over unused data to the next month?

Absolutely! Glo provides a data rollover feature allowing you to carry unused data to the next subscription period. This ensures you make the most of your data plan.

Q4: How can I subscribe to a Glo data plan as a new user?

As a new user, you can subscribe to a Glo data plan by dialling *777# and following the prompts to select your desired plan.

Q5: Are there any special data plans for students?

Yes, Glo offers campus data booster plans specifically designed for students. These plans provide additional data at affordable rates, catering to the unique needs of students.


In conclusion, Glo data plans provide widespread, low-cost, high-speed internet connection. Glo guarantees customers can stay connected and productive by offering a range of plans and simple subscription options.

 Glo gives its members freedom and convenience by managing and monitoring data usage with services like data balance checks, rollover, and sharing. Why then wait? Now that you have access to Glo data plans, you can connect easily.

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