How to borrow airtime from MTN (2022)

Have you been wondering how to borrow airtime from MTN? or have you tried and you are not getting it? Then you are at the right place as this article will give you a step by step detailed guide on how to borrow airtime from MTN.

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Borrowing airtime nowadays has become a saving grace to many as you need not panic when you are out of airtime and have nowhere to buy a recharge card. MTN telecommunication has provided a means by which you can borrow airtime and pay later.

MTN as one of the top mobile telecommunication network providers has a device as a means where a customer is allowed to borrow airtime when out of it.

What is MTN Xtratime?

This is one of many good imitations of MTN telecommunications. This is the service that allows users to borrow airtime. This service was introduced in 2014.

The eligibility requirement to borrow airtime from MTN

To be able to borrow airtime from MTN, you must meet some certain lay down criteria which are;

You must be an MTN active user.
You must not have a huge previous unpaid debt.
You must have recharged at least N500 in the last 30 days.
You must have actively used MTN sim for at least a year (12months).

Over the years, this rule has been easy as some MTN users do borrow airtime even without reaching a year of active usage as long as they are recharging constantly.

How to borrow airtime from MTN

MTN network has provided an easy way of borrowing airtime. You can borrow airtime from MTN by dialling the ussd code *606# on your phone that have the MTN sim card in it.

The following option will appear on your screen

Eligibility status; this is the option you will use to check if you are eligible to borrow airtime
Request for Xtratime; after you have checked your eligibility and saw you are qualified, then choose this option to request or borrow for airtime.
Check extra time balance; choose this option to check your extra time balance
About xtratime; here give you everything you need to know about MTN xtratime
Exist; choose option 5 to leave or exit the service

What is the minimum amount I can borrow from MTN?

The amount of airtime you can borrow from MTN strongly believe in how much you have been recharging. Some can be allowed to borrow up to a 1000 naira airtime or even more depending on your rechargeable strength, but the minimum amount to be borrowed is N50 some even N25.

Charges of xtratime borrowing

MTN deduce a charges fee of 10% for any amount borrowed. For instance, you borrow 100N worth of airtime you will be credited with N90 and MTN will deduct N10.


Now I believe you know how to borrow airtime from MTN, is very easy and did not require any internet connection. Borrowing airtime on MTN has saved many from a lot of problems and been stranded explore the service to your benefits.

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