How to check Airtel mobile number

How to check Airtel mobile number. When you have many Airtel lines, remembering your Airtel number might be difficult . If that’s the case, using or sharing your phone number might be difficult in specific situations.

All is not lost, however, because by reading this post, you will discover how to check Airtel numbers on your phone using a USSD code and other methods.

How to check Airtel mobile number

You don’t have to worry about loading your phone with your phone number because you can acquire it just dialing a USSD code.

The instructions are easy to follow, and you’ll have your phone numbers in no time. If you are an Airtel customer and have forgotten your phone number, you can use one of the techniques below to retrieve it.

How To Check Airtel Mobile Number

But, for the most part, these instructions on how to check your Airtel mobile number will be divided into the following sections, so take your time and pick the approach that you believe will be the most convenient for you. Read more on how to check your Airtel balance.

Having stated that, below are the techniques for checking an Airtel number:

Using the USSD code for Airtel’s number check.
Use the Sim card to call a someone.
Use the Airtel app on your phone.
Use the Sim card to send a text message to a relative.
Contact customer service.
Inquire of a buddy who has it saved on his phone.
Use the SMS option “Call Me Back.”

How To Check Airtel Number Using USSD Code

The official Airtel number check code, also known as the USSD Code, is the first way that springs to mind when thinking about how to check Airtel mobile number.

This procedure is safe and secure, although it takes some time. To use the USSD code to verify your Airtel phone number, please follow the instructions below:

Using your phone dialer, dial *121#;
Finally, press 3 to choose Manage My Account.
To pick My Number, press 4;

Your Airtel number will appear on the phone screen if you followed the pop-up instructions to the letter; please write it down or take a snapshot of it.

How to check Airtel Phone Number using Call method

Because you have the Sim card with you but can’t recall the number, you can use it to call a friend or family who lives nearby and copy the number from them.

But first, be aware that in order to make a call, the same Sim card must be put in a phone and the phone must have at least a credit card on it.

You may use it to beep one of your close circles who uses an Airtel Sim even if you don’t have a penny on it. Airtel Nigeria deserves credit for establishing the double star (**) with a beeping phone number. **0809XXXXXXX

Once the call is completed, simply check the person’s phone log and copy your Airtel number.

Use the MyAirtel App to check Airtel number

Having the MyAirtel App on your phone not only allows you to find out your phone number, but it also offers you access to important Airtel services. As a result, if you are an Airtel customer, you will most likely profit from the app in a variety of ways. Only when you’ve loaded the MyAirtel App and registered using your phone digits can you get your digits through the app.

On your phone, open the MyAirtel app.
Click “Manage My Account” on the home page.
On the pop-up menu, choose “View and add account.”
On the screen, your name and phone number will be shown.

How To Know My Airtel Phone Number Via A Text

How Can I Get My Airtel Phone Number Via Text Message?

You can find out your Airtel number by sending a text message to someone near to you in the location where you’ll be carrying out the operation, much like you can find out your phone number by calling a friend or family.

Go to your phone’s messaging gallery, compose a message, and send it to everyone nearby. When the message is delivered, open it and you will see the sender’s phone number; copy it because it is your Airtel number.

How to check my Airtel number details from customer service

Alternatively, you may contact an Airtel customer service person and inquire about your phone number. While this approach is likewise safe and secure, it is also hard and time-consuming because customer support may not be contacted in a timely manner.

However, you may contact Airtel customer service at 121 or 111 and ask the individual who answers the phone for your phone number. He’ll absolutely call it for you after he’s asked you some security questions.

Ask a friend or family to send to you if the have it saves

Last year, I tried to get one of my old Airtel Sim cards that had been barred by Airtel NG since I hadn’t used it in months. And you know I can’t unlock it until I know the Sim number, which I can’t recall.

So I had to figure out how to check my Airtel number. Not long after, I realized that I had used the number to call my younger sister, so I called her to see whether she had ever kept any Airtel numbers with my name.

To my amazement, he had the number saved on her phone, so I requested her to email it to me right away, and that’s how I got out of a jam.

How to check Airtel number using the ‘call me back’ SMS

This is also another method on how to check Airtel mobile number. This approach can only be utilized if there is someone nearby who is also an Airtel customer. Simply dial 140 phone number # and hit send to do this.

Once the message has been delivered, check the person’s phone to see if he or she has received any new messages. Your Airtel number will be shown beside the “call me back” message. Make a duplicate of it and keep it somewhere secure.

How to check Airtel PUK number

If you have banned your Airtel SIM and are unable to access its SIM cardholder to locate the PUK, phone 111 to contact customer support for assistance.

You may utilize USSD codes to conduct a variety of functions in addition to learning your mobile digits. You may, for example, check your airtime balance, data balance, and bonus balance.


The usage of USSD codes on various digital platforms has several advantages. Many telecom service providers are quickly adopting shortcodes that users may use to access their services or obtain answers to their questions.

The majority of them are free of charge. You receive a speedier response to inquiries than if you used SMS (almost instant) There is no need for an internet connection. They deliver accurate and dependable information.

That is, you must have at least N4 on that Sim card, and the person to whom you will be delivering the message must be nearby for immediate access.

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