How to check Glo data balance 2022

Do you want to know how to check your Glo data balance? Learn how to check Glo data balance on a variety of devices with this article from Naijaknowhow. Please read this article if you’ve been having difficulty determining your current data balance.

Keeping tabs on the data you’ve used on your Glo line is possible, but the remaining data on your SIM card won’t be visible through this method.

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How to check Glo data balance

There are three simple methods for determining how to check Glo data balance on your Glo SIM:

Use of USSD Code
The use of SMS
Using the internet

Usage of the USSD Code

Android, Windows, iPhone, and many types of mobile devices are all compatible with this method. On Glo, you can check your remaining data bundle balance by dialing a simple USSD code.

USSD short code code for Glo Data Balance; Dial 1270# to see how much data you have left.
A second option USSD short code for Glo Data Balance is to dial *777#, select the current subscription plan, and then go to Manage data > Data Balance to see what the network says when you do so.

Using text messages

If the USSD method fails to work on your phone, try this one. You can also learn how to use SMS to check your Glo SIM’s available MB. It works like this:

Send ‘INFO’ to 127 without the quotes. Glo Internet subscription size and expiration date are displayed in a response message.

Online method

Finally on how to check Glo data balance, Glo provides a way to check your data balance via the internet. So even if you don’t have a mobile phone, you can easily check your balance on any mobile device. This is how it works:

Visit the HSI Portal to see your Glo data balance.

You can use any of the methods listed and explained above to check your data balance on any of the following devices: iPads, Android smartphones and tablets, iPhones, Windows smartphones and tablets, and other feature phones.

How to check Glo data balance

How to check Glo data balance

Glo also gives you extra data when you top up your phone with airtime. If you use any of the methods listed above, you will be unable to see your Glo bonus data balance. However, it is quite possible to do so.

When you dial #122# or #122*2# on your Glo SIM, a pop-up notification will appear with a list of all of your Glo bonus data balances.

Here we are, folks. Over to you now… Have you tried any other approaches to determining the data balance that weren’t mentioned above? Please do so in the space provided below.

Glo recharge code

Globacom, Nigeria, has just released a new USSD code for topping up a recharge card pin. Without the use of the USSD Glo recharge code, it is impossible to load the Glo card pin.

You can use the 123Globacom recharge card pin# USSD code to make a recharge. After scuffing the card’s seal, a 15-digit pin number will be revealed on the card.

If the pin on your Glo recharge card is 12345677789012345, the following steps will help you get your Glo credited:

Open the phone’s dialer.
Recharge card pin number: 123123456789012345#
Finally, tap the device’s send/Ok button to complete the process.
You will receive an immediate notification if the recharge card pin is correct.

Recharge code for Glo 4x

The Glo 4x recharge code is the latest offer from Globacom Nigeria. Those who use the Glo 4x recharge code can get four times the amount of airtime they’ve recharged.

The Glo 4x recharge code, on the other hand, is not tied to any particular tariff plan and can be used by any Globacom Nigeria customer, regardless of their current prepaid tariff profile.

Recharging with N100 will earn the subscriber a total of N400, which includes the original recharge value and an airtime bonus of N300. N500 recharge will also give you a bonus of N1500 airtime in addition to the original recharge of N500.

Customers can activate the Glo 4x bonus by dialing 323Recharge PIN# instead of the regular recharge code of 123Recharge PIN# to activate the 4x bonus USSD code. There is no bonus for recharges made using the 123Recharge PIN#.

Additionally, users who recharge their Glo lines using any of the following electronic mediums (mobile transfer, Glo café, POS terminals and ATMs) will receive the 4x bonus. N150, N250, N550, N1050, N2050, N10,050 and N5050 recharges are required to activate the 4x bonus on lines.

Glo recharge code

Recharging your phone with a recharge card is just like charging your phone with an actual charger. Using the recharge USSD code format, customers can recharge their Glo phone lines.

123Globacom recharge pin# is the USSD code format for recharge. In order to recharge your Globacom phone, you’ll need a 15-digit pin.

Glo data recharge code

To ensure that its customers get value for their data subscription, Globacom Nigeria offers a variety of data plans. Flexi, Campus data booster, Weekly, Daily, and Monthly data plans are all available to subscribers on the network.

Compared to other networks in Nigeria, the network service provider has a high internet speed.

The recharge code for Glo data is *777#. Customers will find it easier to buy, share, and gift data subscriptions with this code. This code can be used by anyone on any of the Glo pre-paid tariff plans.

Glo double recharge code

Recharging customers’ Glo lines with N100 or more in airtime under the terms of the Glo Bumpa plan, also known as the double recharge plan, gives them a 200 percent recharge bonus.

Customers can switch to this tariff plan by dialing 10010*1# and then pressing 1 when prompted.

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