How to check Glo number

For a variety of reasons, people forget their Glo number, these is why you need to know how to check your Glo number.

Others have had the Sim card for months, some have it on their phone but never use it to make a call, some have never attempted to commit the number offhand since its birth, and so on. See also Glo Tariff Plan and Migration Codes.

How to check Glo number

However, every time they need to utilize the number to execute a specific transaction, they will be looking for a code to check Glo’s Number.

Well, I’m not here to judge you for it; instead, I’m here to show you the various tried and reliable methods you can use to find out your Glo number in minutes. That being stated, consider the following options.

How to check Glo number

In the event that you can’t find a Glo Sim pack near you and need your Glo number, you can do one of the following:
Dial 1244 to see if you have a Glo number.
Check the USSD code by dialing Glo’s phone number.
Dial a friend’s phone number using the same SIM card;
Take a look at the Glo self-care page;
Send a text message with the Sim card to a nearby person.
Contact the company’s customer service department.
Use the “Please Call Me Back” option in your SMS messages.

How to check your Glo number by dialing 1244

Occasionally, you may be on the go and the need to enter your Glo number will arise; in this case, you will be stumped and perplexed as to which option is available to you.

To rouse yourself from your stupor, simply dial 1244 on the same Glo Sim card for which you have forgotten the Number. Once the Number is confirmed, you will receive an automated phone call; answer it and listen to the voice announce your Glo number.

How To Use The USSD Code to Know Your Glo Phone Number

Another method of determining your Glo number when you require it to complete a task is to dial the Glo number, check the USSD code, and then follow the prompts instructions.

As seen in the following illustration:

On the same Sim, dial 777;
To access My Tariff Plan, press 4;
My Number can be accessed by pressing 3.
After selecting option 3, your Glo number will be displayed. Copy it and store it safely for the next time.

How To Obtain Access To Your Glo Phone Number Making a Call

Similarly, calling someone close to you at the location where you are in desperate need of the Number is one of the quickest ways to learn your Glo number.

To accomplish this, ensure that you have inserted the Glo Sim card into your phone and that it contains at least N1 to make the call possible.

Following that, request the phone number of someone in your immediate vicinity and place a call across it; once the call is completed, hang up and check the person’s phone log.

Your Glo number is the first Number you see on his log. Make a note of the Number and carefully save it the next time you need to use it.

How To Access Your phone Number Through The Glo Self-Care Portal

Additionally, if you have a data bundle on your phone, you can check your phone number by visiting the Glo Self-care official website.

Bear in mind that the same Sim card must be installed on your phone, as this is the one that will be used to access the portal in order to successfully obtain your Number.

Send An SMS To A Neighbor To Verify Your Phone Number

Similarly, you can easily determine your Glo number by sending a text message to anyone in the vicinity of the location where you are looking for your Number.

To accomplish this, the Sim card in question must be inserted into your phone and must contain at least N4.

Once you’ve satisfied all of these requirements, navigate to your phone’s message box, compose a new message, type the recipient’s phone number, and send it.

Once the message has been delivered, open it on the recipient’s phone and jot down the sender’s phone number. That is your Glo identification number.

How To Determine Your Glo Phone Number Via A Customer Service Call

If you find yourself alone and unable to collect his Number for a call or message option, you can contact Glo customer care to retrieve your Number.

Although this method is too rigid in that you will not be provided with the Number if you are unable to answer the security questions that they will ask, it is safe and very secure.

To contact Glo customer service, simply dial 121 and follow the automated voice instructions.

How To Determine Your Glo Phone Number Via The “Please Call Me” SMS

Finally, if none of the methods mentioned above for checking your Glo number work or you are unable to use them for some reason, you can resort to sending a call me back message to any friend or family member who uses a Glo Sim car.

Dial 125the individual’s phone number# to reach this service. As follows, send *125*0805XXXXXX#. Once the message has been delivered, open it and jot down the sender’s Number. That is your telephone number.

Utilize the USSD Code to Verify Your Glo Number

Apart from the generic 777 USSD code, you can also find out your phone number by dialing a Glo-specific USSD code.

Without equivocation, the official code for determining Glo’s phone number is 1358#. Your Glo number will be displayed instantly after dialing the code.

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