How to make money online in Tanzania in 2023


Discord is a popular platform for gamers, but it has also become a thriving community for entrepreneurs looking to make money. With over 140 million active users, Discord offers a vast and diverse audience for anyone interested in monetizing their content. In this article, we will explore various ways to make money on Discord.

What is Discord?

Discord is a communication platform that enables users to communicate through text, voice, and video. It was originally designed for gamers to communicate while playing games, but it has since expanded to become a popular social networking platform. Discord is free to use, but it also offers a premium subscription service called Nitro that offers additional features such as custom emojis, high-quality streaming, and boosted upload limits.

How to Create a Discord Server

The first step to making money on Discord is to create a server. A server is a virtual space where users can communicate and interact with each other. You can create a server for any purpose, whether it be for gaming, socializing, or business. Once you have created a server, you can customize it to suit your needs by adding channels, roles, and bots.

How to monetizing Your Discord Server

There are various ways or methods to monetize your Discord server, and we will explore some of the most popular methods below.

1. Selling Products and Services

One of the easiest ways to make money on Discord is to sell products or services. If you have a business, you can use your Discord server to promote your products and services to your audience. You can also create a store channel where users can purchase your products directly from Discord.

2. Offering Paid Memberships

Another way to monetize your Discord server is to offer paid memberships. You can create exclusive channels, roles, and perks for paid members, such as access to premium content, special events, and personalized support.

3. Accepting Donations

You can also accept donations from your audience through platforms like Patreon, Ko-fi, or PayPal. You can create a dedicated channel or role for donors and offer exclusive perks to those who donate.

4. Hosting Sponsored Events

If you have a large and engaged audience, you can also host sponsored events on your Discord server. You can partner with other businesses or influencers to promote their products or services to your audience in exchange for a fee.

5. Running Ads

Finally, you can also make money on Discord by running ads. You can sell ad space on your server to other businesses or use Discord’s built-in advertising platform to promote your own products or services.

How to Grow Your Discord Community

Make Money on Discord

To make money on Discord, you need to have a large and engaged audience. Here are some tips to help you grow your Discord community:

1. Create Engaging Content

Create engaging content that resonates with your audience. You can post updates, news, memes, or anything that adds value to your community.

2. Use Social Media

Promote your Discord server on social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram. You can also use Discord’s built-in share feature to invite users to join your server.

3. Collaborate with others

Collaborate with other Discord servers or influencers to cross-promote your content and grow your audience.

4. Host Events

Host events on your Discord server, such as gaming tournaments, Q&A sessions, or watch parties. This will encourage engagement and attract new users to your server.

5. Offer Incentives

Offer incentives for users to invite their friends to join your server, such as exclusive roles or access to premium content.


Discord is an excellent platform for entrepreneurs and content creators to monetize their content. Whether you’re selling products and services, offering paid memberships, accepting donations, hosting sponsored events, or running ads, there are plenty of ways to make money on Discord. To be successful, you need to have a large and engaged audience.

By creating engaging content, using social media, collaborating with others, hosting events, and offering incentives, you can grow your Discord community and increase your chances of making money.

Remember, making money on Discord is not a get-rich-quick scheme. It requires time, effort, and dedication to build a successful community. But with the right strategy and mindset, anyone can turn their Discord server into a profitable business.

How to Make Money on Discord: FAQs

• Is it legal to make money on Discord?

Answer: Yes, it is legal to make money on Discord as long as you follow the platform’s terms of service and local laws.

• Do I need to have a large following to make money on Discord?

Answer: No, you don’t need to have a large following to make money on Discord. You can start with a small community and grow from there.

• Can I get banned for monetizing my server on Discord?

Answer: Yes, you can get banned for monetizing your server on Discord if you violate the platform’s terms of service. Make sure to read and follow the guidelines before monetizing your server.

• How much money can I make on Discord?

Answer: The amount of money you can make on Discord depends on various factors such as the size of your community, the niche you’re in, and the monetization method you choose.

• Are there any fees to monetize my server on Discord?

Answer: No, there are no fees to monetize your server on Discord. However, if you use third-party payment processors, they may charge fees for transactions.

• How do I promote my Discord server to attract members?

Answer: You can promote your Discord server on social media platforms, forums, and online communities. You can also use paid advertising or collaborate with influencers to grow your community.

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