How to migrate to Airtel smart connect 6.0

How to migrate to Airtel smart connect. You are not a new client, but you believe you have been underserved by Airtel, especially because new users on Airtel Smart Connect receive an 800% incentive.

I am pleased to inform you that there is a prepaid plan called Airtel smart connect 6.0 available for both existing and new Airtel subscribers. This plan has the same product name as Airtel smartconnect, however the bonuses are different.

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Airtel smartconnect 6.0 is a prepaid plan that offers a 700 percent bonus on all recharges of N100 and above, which means you may obtain the Smart Connect bonus on recharges of N100, N200, N500, and N1000. For those who moved to this tariff plan and recharged, the bonus offer includes a voice and data incentive.

Airtel Nigeria, Nigeria’s largest telecommunications services provider, is constantly at the helm, ensuring that consumers get more than they deserve. You may get fantastic data plans and awesome tariff rates in addition to speedy internet access.

This is another another tactic for Airtel to keep you glued to them. It may also benefit your business. The Internet has enabled business owners to have a continual presence with their clients. The importance of availability cannot be overstated, and with airtel voice and data services, you are well on your way to improving your business relationships with your clients.

Don’t go just yet; this article has a lot more to tell you, notably on how to move to Airtel smart connect 6.0, call prices, and rewards.

Advantages of Airtel Smart Connect 6.0

Unlike Airtel Smart Connect, Airtel Smart Connect 6.0 is open to everyone.
When compared to other Airtel smartconnect plans, call prices are lower.
Calls to five foreign locations (the United Kingdom, the United States, China, Canada, and India) can be made for as little as N33 per minute.

The first migration to Airtel Smartconnect is free for the first 30 days.
Customers can migrate to the plan using either USSD or SMS.
Airtel Smart Connect has no daily access cost, so you can call at any time without being bothered.

Airtel Smart connect 6.0 charges

How to migrate to Airtel smart connect. On smart connect 6.0, you may make calls from the primary account to any network in Nigeria at a rate of 26k/second. Calls made from the bonus account are charged at a rate of 40k/sec.

Calls to five international countries (the United States, the United Kingdom, China, India, and Canada) are 55k/second, giving us N33/minute while other destinations are charged at zone rate. SMS to all Nigerian networks, including Airtel, is charged at N8 per SMS, while international SMS is paid at the zone cost.

Please keep in mind that the initial migration within 30 days is free, however additional migrations within 30 days will incur a N100 cost.

How to migrate to Airtel smart connect 6.0

The first move within a month is free, however further migrations will cost N100.
Send SMART as an SMS to 311 to move to Airtel smart connect 6.0.
Old clients may also join Airtel Smart Connect 6.0 by dialing *311#.
You will receive an immediate notice alerting you of the move.
Dial *12135# to see whether you’ve been moved to Airtel smart connect 6.0. It will reveal your pricing plan right away.

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