How to open a kuda bank account

How to open a kuda bank account (2022)

How to open a kuda bank account. Nigerian online banks provide convenience. One of them is Kuda Bank. Kuda online banking provides financial services using the Kuda app and the Kuda Bank USSD code. This post will provide you all the information you need to create a Kuda Bank account online.

Who Owns Kuda Bank?

Babs Ogundeyi (CEO) and Musty Mustapha (CTO) co-founded Kuda Bank in 2018. It is known as Kuda Microfinance Bank and has offices in Lagos, Nigeria and London, United Kingdom.

What is Kuda Bank and how does it differ from other banks?

Kuda is an online bank. This implies it is entirely online. It does not have a physical branch in Nigeria, as do most other banking organizations. To use your Kuda bank account, all you need is a smartphone with an internet connection.

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However, like other banks, it provides its customers with a debit card (Visa). The card is often sent to your home in any region in the country. In addition to a real debit card, you may establish a Kuda virtual card on the app to pay for products and services online.

Benefits of Kuda Bank

Kuda Bank is an excellent choice for Nigerians looking for a financial organization that offers the following benefits:

Access to all critical financial services is made simple. You only need a smart phone with an Internet connection to visit your bank from the comfort of your own home or business.

• There are no fees when withdrawing monies from any of their partner bank’s ATMs.

• There are no account maintenance cosHow to open a kuda bank accountts.

• Transfer money to different banks for free.

• There are no fees for depositing money.

• Annual interest rate of up to 15%

• There is no minimum account balance.

How to open a kuda bank account

The Kuda registration process is straightforward. Kuda sign up is done online because it is a virtual bank. You must be a Nigerian above the age of 18. Here’s how to open a Kuda bank account:

  • To begin the process of creating a Kuda bank account, you must first download the Kuda bank app from the App Store or Google Play.
  • You will be asked to provide some personal information, such as your name, email address, and phone number. Take a clean snapshot of your face at the end of this phase. The photo is only necessary for identification verification.
  • Order your Kuda ATM card, which will be sent within two weeks to any place in Nigeria. You may use this Kuda Bank card to make online payments, withdraw cash from ATMs, and buy things both locally and abroad. You may also apply for a Kuda bank virtual card using the Kuda app.
  • After completing Kuda bank registration, you will be able to easily save money, make money transfers, purchase airtime, and pay other expenses.

How to Open a Kuda Bank Account Without a BVN

Is a BVN required by Kuda Bank? Is it possible to register a Kuda account without a BVN (Bank Verification Number)? Yes, it is possible to create a Kuda bank Nigeria account without a BVN, however the account would be restricted.

You must use your phone number, email address, and personal data to create a Kuda bank account without a BVN. A photo of your face will also be required for verification. If you establish a Kuda account without a BVN, you can only utilize its Tier 0 (T0) account.

Types of Kuda Bank Account

Kuda bank offers three different types of accounts.

  • Level 0 (T0). An account that lacks a confirmed BVN as well as a valid ID (a driver’s license, voter’s card, foreign passport, national ID card, or NIN slip).
  • Level 1 (T1). An account with a validated BHow to open a kuda bank accountVN but no valid ID associated with it.
  • Tier 3 (T3) (Tier 2 is not present). Tier 3 accounts have both a confirmed BVN and a valid ID associated to them.

How to upgrade My Kuda Account?

If you have a Kuda bank account on Tiers 0 or 1, you can upgrade to Tier 3 and enjoy all Kuda bank features. To upgrade your Kuda account, log in, then go to “Account Limits” and then “Account Upgrade.” You must then validate your residence address, BVN, and ID.

How much time does it take to upgrade a Kuda account? Once your documents/details have been validated, your account will be automatically updated.

Where Can I Use My Kuda Debit Card to Withdraw Money?

Kuda Bank has teamed with Access Bank to make cash withdrawals easier for its clients in various regions of Nigeria. As a result, you may withdraw monies from any of the 3,000 Access Diamond Bank and Access Bank ATMs using your Kuda bank ATM card. Kuda does not charge its customers for ATM withdrawals as part of its attempts to lower client prices.

How Do I Make a Deposit into My Kuda Bank Account?

There are various ways to deposit money into a Kuda bank account. This includes the following:

  • Through any Nigerian bank that offers internet banking or a banking app.
  • Making a transaction with a credit or debit card. Go to the Kuda app to do so. Select ‘Add Money,’ and then ‘Add by Card.’ Depositing funds up to 100,000 Naira are free with this option. Anything exceeding that will be charged by the third party in question.
  • Cash deposits can be made at any of Kuda’s partner banks. To do so, open the Kuda app and tap ‘Add Money.’ Click ‘Add by Deposit’ and then follow the on-screen instructions.

How Do I Transfer Money From My Kuda Bank Account?

• Select Payments.

• Select Send funds

• Enter the necessary information.

How to Make a Transfer from GTB to Kuda Bank

Offline transfers from your GTBank account to your Kuda account are possible.

  • *737*50*amount*416# is the code.
  • Enter the Kuda account number and confirm the transfer using the PIN *737#.
  • Kuda Bank charges

One of this virtual bank’s operational objectives is to eliminate some of the Kuda costs imposed on clients by traditional financial institutions. Fortunately, Kuda bank costs are clear.

What is the transfer fee charged by Kuda? You will receive 25 free money transfers every month as long as you have joined up with your BVN (Bank Verification Number). If you do not have the BVN, your monthly free transfers will be 2. Additional transfers attract a 10 naira Kuda transfer fee.

Kuda bank free services include Kuda bank sign up, card maintenance, monthly maintenance, debit/credit notifications, Kuda bank ATM card withdrawals, and making payments with your Kuda debit card.

Is the Kuda ATM card free of charge? The Kuda ATM card is free. However, you must have at least 1,000 naira in your Kuda account to order and get one. This is not a charge, but rather a required minimum balance for the card request.

There will be no monthly fees and the card will be provided free of charge. Only the first Kuda card request will be free of charge; future requests for whatever reason will be charged a cost.

How to Obtain a Kuda ATM Card

If you have a Kuda Bank account, you can apply for a Kuda ATM card. The steps are as follows.

• Log in to your account.

• At the bottom of the dashboard, choose “Cards.”

• Select “Request A Card.”

• Select “Obtain a Physical Card.”

• Enter your physical address here.

• Please confirm your phone number.

• Enter the name you want to appear on your card.

• Confirm your delivery information.

How Do I Close My Kuda Bank Account?How to open a kuda bank account

You are free to terminate your account at any time. Contact Kuda customer care if you wish to close your account. They will walk you through the steps of closing your Kuda account. You will no longer be able to use any Kuda services after your account has been canceled.

Is Kuda Bank legit?

“Is Kuda Bank safe?” you may be wondering. Kuda Bank is secure and legitimate. The Central Bank of Nigeria has granted it a license. The bank employs high-security encryption, which is employed by the world’s leading banks. Every deposit you make into your Kuda account is insured by Kuda Bank.

For example, if a calamity occurs and the bank loses money, the Deposit Insurance Fund of the National Deposit Insurance Commission (NDIC) is mandated to compensate you with 200,000 naira.


Despite the fact that virtual banking is not widely embraced in Nigeria, there are well-established businesses working to improve the country’s financial system. One such organization is Kuda Bank. This virtual bank provides ease to its clients in addition to lowering or eliminating some of the fees normally connected with financial organizations.

For example, you can establish a Kuda account from the convenience of your own home. To use the fundamental financial services, all you need is a smartphone with an Internet connection.

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