Murphy Afolabi

Murphy Afolabi is a well-known Nigerian actor from Osogbo, Osun State. On May 5th, his fans, family, friends, and he himself celebrate his birthday. Afolabi became interested in acting at a young age, even before entering college. He attended Ire Polytechnic after finishing high school, where he studied film production, mass communications, and theatrical arts. He graduated from the college in 2001, which was 19 years ago

Murphy Afolabi

Murphy Afolabi is the delighted father of a girl named Moyosore Afolabi, whom he acknowledges on Instagram from time to time. Fathia Afolabi is Afolabi’s wife’s name. In addition, his daughter received a Minority PhD fellowship from the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, demonstrating the family’s academic achievement.
One of Yoruba cinema’s biggest stars has died. The actor is claimed to have fallen in his bathroom and banged his head on the floor, resulting in his tragic death. Murphy Afolabi, who celebrated his birthday on Friday, May 5, was a renowned figure in the Yoruba film industry, having established himself as an excellent actor.
He was spotted slipping from his bathroom after washing, and he surrendered to the ghost before being taken to the hospital.

Odunlade Adekola, Adeniyi Johnson, and Biola Adebayo have all rushed to their own pages to mourn the actor since the news surfaced.

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