POS machine price in Nigeria

POS machine price in Nigeria. Cash transactions are progressively being substituted by more convenient electronic payment options in the digital era. A POS machine is a multifunctional device that allows businesses to effortlessly take card payments.

It functions as a virtual cash register, allowing for safe transactions and streamlining sales operations. With the growing demand for POS machines in Nigeria, it’s critical to know POS machine prices in Nigeria.

What is a POS Machine?

A POS machine is a piece of hardware that allows businesses to accept credit or debit card payments. It acts as a central location for consumers to swipe, dip, or touch their cards to authorize the transfer of payments from their accounts to the merchant.

To facilitate payment processing, these machines are outfitted with a variety of capabilities like card readers, touchscreens, and software applications.

Benefits of POS Machines

POS devices provide several benefits to businesses making them a vital tool in today’s market. For starters, they improve transaction security by encrypting card data and safeguarding important information.

They also help firms make data-driven decisions by improving sales processes, reducing human error, and providing real-time transaction information. Furthermore, POS devices provide clients with ease by offering numerous payment methods and speedier checkouts, resulting in higher customer satisfaction.

POS machine price in Nigeria

POS machine price in Nigeria

It is crucial to know that POS machine prices in Nigeria, like all other products and services, are subject to change. Another thing to keep in mind is that you cannot just purchase a POS machine in Nigeria and begin using it without first registering as a POS agent (mobile money agent), since this may be deemed unlawful.

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POS Companies & Their POS Machine Prices in Nigeria

Before you buy a POS machine, you should understand how it works, the transaction fees, and even the price of the POS system itself.

Below is the list of the different brands of POS machine prices in Nigeria.

Opay POS Machine Price in Nigeria

The Opay Mini POS Machine costs N8,500, while the standard Opay POS machine costs N35,000. The pricing of the Opay Android POS Machine is N50,000.

Palmpay POS Machine Price in Nigeria

The PalmPay POS machine costs N30,000 Naira in Nigeria.

Kudi POS Machine Price in Nigeria

The Kudi POS Machine costs N35,000 Naira to those who are interested. Kudi has changed her name to Nomba.

Moniepoint POS Machine Price in Nigeria

The Moniepoint POS Machine price in Nigeria cost N20,000

Baxi POS Machine Price in Nigeria

Baxi MPOS (Mobile POS) costs N10,000, whilst Baxi Android POS costs around N30,000.

Accelerex POS Machine Price

The Accelerex POS Machine price in Nigeria is N10,000.

Payvice POS Machine Price in Nigeria

The Payvice POS price in Nigeria cost  N15,000.

Pay Center POS Machine Price in Nigeria

POS price in Nigeria is N15,000 for the Pay centre.

Payforce POS Price

The Pay Centre POS price in Nigeria cost N25,000.

POS Charges List in Nigeria

If you want to generate a good profit from your POS agent business in Nigeria, you must examine the POS charges. As a result, it makes more sense to utilize a POS terminal with a minimal commission fee.

Here is a list of POS charges in Nigeria so you may make an informed decision:

  • Kolomoni POS charges 0.5% for withdrawals from 1000 to 19900, while charges N30 flat for deposits of 100 Naira flat for withdrawals of N20000 and above or more.
  • Paycentre POS withdrawal charges are as follows: (0 to 10,000) = 0.55%, (10,100 to 15,000) = N65, (15,001 to 20,000) = 75, and 20,000 and above = 80. While transfer fees are as follows: (0-5,000) = 10.5, (5,001-50,000) = 26.25, (50,000 and more) = 50.00.
  • Withdrawal charges for Kudi POS are as follows: (below 4500) = 25, (4,501-25k) = 0.6%, (above 25k) = 150, and Transfer charges are 45.
  • Payforce POS fees for deposits are N25, while withdrawal charges are N30 (0-5000), 0.6% (5,001-16,500), N110 (16,501-100,000), and 0.11% (100,001 and above).
  • The GTBank POS Machine charges 0.75 % for every transaction.
  • On withdrawal transactions, Palmpay POS charges 0.5%. Palpay charges a flat fee of N10 naira on deposits, regardless of the amount placed.
  • Opay POS Machine charges 0.6% for withdrawals less than N20,000 and a fixed rate of N120 for transactions greater than N20,000.
  • Moniepoint POS Machine charges a 0.5% fee on all transactions below N20,000. For transactions above N20,000 Naira they charge N100 flat, there is a flat rate fee of N20 for all deposits.

Best POS Machines In Nigeria

In Nigeria, there are many different types of POS machines, however, the top best POS terminals with the strongest networks, customer service, and charge rates include:

  • Moniepoint POS machine
  • Opay POS machine
  • PalmPay POS
  • Kudi POS machine
  • Baxi POS machine
  • GTBank POS machine

Types of POS Machines

POS machines are available in various forms, each designed to cater to specific business needs. Here are some popular types of POS machines in Nigeria:

Countertop POS Machines

Countertop POS machines are stationary devices that are placed on the counter where clients pay. They are internet or phone-line-linked and are perfect for businesses with a fixed checkout location.

Mobile POS Machines

Mobile POS machines are portable payment acceptance systems that allow businesses to collect payments on the go. They link to smartphones or tablets through Bluetooth or mobile data networks, giving businesses that operate outside of a traditional brick-and-mortar setting more flexibility.

Integrated POS Systems

Integrated POS systems combine both software and hardware components to provide a comprehensive solution for businesses. These systems integrate with other business tools like inventory management, accounting software, and customer relationship management, streamlining operations.

Wireless POS Machines

Wireless POS devices use wireless networks to function, removing the need for physical connections. They provide limited mobility, making them ideal for enterprises that want flexibility without sacrificing transaction security.

Factors Affecting POS Machine Prices in Nigeria

When considering POS machine prices in Nigeria, several factors come into play. Understanding these factors can help you make an informed decision and choose a POS machine that fits your budget and requirements. Some key factors influencing POS machine prices include:

Brand and Quality

Reputable brands often command higher prices due to their established reliability and performance. Investing in a well-known brand ensures you receive a quality product with ongoing support and regular software updates.

Functionality and Features

POS machines with advanced features and functionalities typically have higher price tags. Consider the specific needs of your business and opt for a machine that aligns with your requirements without overspending on unnecessary features.

Connectivity Options

The type of connectivity options available on a POS machine can affect its price. Machines that support multiple connectivity options tend to be more expensive, but they offer flexibility and reliability in processing transactions.

Accessories and Add-ons

Additional accessories and add-ons such as cash drawers, receipt printers, and barcode scanners can increase the overall cost of a POS system. Assess your business needs and determine if these accessories are essential for your operations.

How to Choose the Right POS Machine

Choosing the best POS equipment for your company necessitates careful evaluation of various variables. Here are some crucial aspects to consider before making your decision:

  • Identify your business requirements and determine the essential features you need in a POS machine.
  • Set a budget and research different brands and models within your price range.
  • Read customer reviews and testimonials to gauge the reliability and performance of the POS machine.
  • Evaluate the after-sales support and warranty offered by the manufacturer or supplier.


Finally, POS devices have become essential tools for Nigerian enterprises. They boost total operational efficiency by streamlining payment operations, increasing transaction security, and simplifying payment processes. When determining the POS machine price in Nigeria, consider elements such as brand, functionality, connectivity choices, and other accessories.

You may make an informed selection and choose a POS machine that meets your specifications and budget by researching the market environment, comparing different brands, and analyzing your business’s demands.

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