Murphy Afolabi Death

Murphy Afolabi, a well-known Nigerian actor, passed away on May 14, 2023, at the age of 49. Tunde Old-Yusuf, a coworker, confirmed his death on social media.

The reason for Murphy Afolabi Death was not immediately disclosed, however, it was later found that he died from a head injury. He reportedly received a head injury after falling in the bathroom of his house in Ikorodu, Lagos. He was taken to the hospital, but he died as a result of his injuries.

Murphy Afolabi Death

Fans and colleagues have expressed shock and grief over Afolabi’s passing. He was a well-known Yoruba actor who has been in a number of notable Yoruba films. He was also a skilled director and filmmaker.

Afolabi’s death serves as a reminder of the fragility of life. He was just 49 years old and had a promising future. His death is a tragedy for the Nigerian film industry and his followers all around the world.

Here are some of the likely causes of Murphy Afolabi’s head injury:

He may have tripped and fell in the restroom.

While falling, he may have banged his head on something.

He may have been struck by something.

It should be noted that these are only potential explanations. Because Everything Seems Very Fish, the specific reason of Afolabi’s death has not been revealed.

Afolabi’s death was tragic. He was a gifted actor and filmmaker who would be sorely missed. During this sad moment, we are thinking of his family and friends.

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