Are you in search of an online markets in Nigeria? Have you been bothered about where to sell your products online? Have you searched for where you can buy products online without stress?

Whatever you’ve been searching for, we’ve got you covered. Since the discovery of the internet in Nigeria, you do not have to wait for a long time before you get buyers for your products. There are numerous online market in Nigeria. where you can showcase your goods and get buyers at the comfort of your home.

These online shops have a large number of online visitors looking for what to purchase. They also have good reviews and reputations from customers who have purchased. This article will be focused on good shopping sites you can showcase your products for buyers.


online markets in Nigeria

Jumia is also an online markets in Nigeria that is known by almost every smartphone user. It is one of the most popular online shops in Nigeria. Jumia permits small business owners to market their goods easily and quickly. It was established nine years ago in 2012 and now possesses one of the best products and has high online traffic daily.

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Jumia gives you access to your online shop. It serves as a middle ground between the seller and the buyer. The products are displayed to the visitors who have searched for something related.

If you’re the seller, you’ll be notified when a potential buyer shows interest in your goods and place an order. Customers can sell virtually anything online such as baby products, electronics, furnitures and much more.

How to Sell on Jumia ; online markets in Nigeria

Visit the Jumia official store.

Register and fill in your details.

Go through the tutorials and settings on how to become a vendor.

Input your products and start selling immediately.

Jumia charges for each sale you perform on the platform. They are determined by the delivery method chosen by the potential buyer.

2. Konga

Another online markets in Nigeria is Konga a company established by Sam Shagaya. The Konga marketplace allows potential buyers to buy goods and products without delay. Konga has a large number of online visitors daily, which explains why they have a high number of buyer and seller transactions per minute.

As a seller, your product will be shown to clients who are interested or who have shown interest in that type of product in the past. Many things sold on Jumia are also on Konga.

How To Sell On Konga

Visit the Konga marketplace site

Register as a seller on Konga marketplace

Input the goods you want to sell and add their prices

Manage your items through your dashboard and save your entry.

To become a seller on the Konga marketplace platform, you’ll be required to pay a membership fee.

The silver plan costs about a thousand naira and enables the seller sell 10 products.

The gold plan costs about two thousand five hundred and enables the seller an unlimited number of items for one month.

3. JiJi

JiJi joins the list of online marketplaces in Nigeria. At JiJi you can sell and buy freely. It is one of the biggest in Nigeria.

They have a large number of visitors. It includes a feature that allows buyers and sellers to exchange products, much like a trade-by-barter system. It is no different from swapping, or whatever you may call it.

How To Sell On JiJi

Creating an account for trading is simple on JiJi. The friendliness and colour scheme on the site make it easy to use and navigate.

Visit the JiJi website.

Create an account and fill in the required details.

Once you’ve been verified, upload the products you intend to sell.

Each product uploaded on the site has to be approved by the management of the website before being displayed on the web page.

To use JiJi marketplace platform is very free. No monthly fee and membership fee.

4. OList

This also is another online markets in Nigeria that is gradually becoming one of the best online shops in Nigeria. OList enables customers to advertise their goods and sell their goods. This means that a buyer can patronize a seller through an advertised post. Transactions are usually very stress-free on this site.

How To Sell On OList

Visit the OList website.

Tap on the ‘start selling’ icon.

Fill in the required details.

Once your account has been verified, you’re good to go.

Enter your goods and attach your price.

Despite it attractive webpage and features, it is free to use. This means you don’t need to pay any money or fee to start your account.

5. Scrader

online markets in Nigeria

When it comes to a platform that acts as an escrow, no other platform comes to mind other than Scrader. They prevent all forms of fraud by installing anti-fraud systems. It serves as a social media platforms and an online shop where marketers can upload items and sell them.

How To Sell on Scrader

Go to the Scrader main website.


Select your preferred delivery option.

Upload the goods or products you’ll like to sell.

Attach the prices of the goods.

There are no monthly payment or charges but for every sale you perform, you’ll be charged 1%. The 1% will be paid by the buyer and not the seller. The 1% is for the escrow charge.


The outbreak of Corona virus has made financial transactions and thus a need to get more audience via fast and virtual services arise. This has been successful because Nigeria is a country to over 30 million online users who have welcomed this development greatly. On the average in Nigeria, there are over a million transactions that takes place on a daily basis.

In all sincerity, technology and smartphone has made it easier for everyone to buy and sell products without moving and inch from where they are. The platforms mentioned above-mentioned are good examples of online markets that serve this purpose.USSD code for loan in Nigeria 

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