USSD code for loan in Nigeria (2022)

What is the USSD code for loan in Nigeria? A USSD code stands for unstructured supplementary service data. These codes are associated with specific mobile phone services and permit you to utilize your phone’s app.

Unstructured Supplementary Services Data, or USSD, is a way to access certain mobile phone network services without having to use a phone menu. All you need is a Nigerian mobile phone.

How do you use USSD codes in Nigeria?

USSD codes are used by customers to take their voice and text services to the next level. Users may find USSD codes for loans in Nigeria and can call up a nearby agent and negotiate an affordable and quick loan at any time, without having to use any type of identification.

Why use a USSD code to make a bank transfer in Nigeria?

USSD (Unstructured Supplementary Service Data) codes are short text strings that act as codes. They are sent by telecom providers to their customers to provide information or emergency assistance. Many phone networks in Nigeria use USSD Code for giving updates like loan status, password resets, and many more.

Why USSD codes are more secure in Nigeria

USSD code for loan in Nigeria

One of the problems with credit cards currently used in Nigeria is that their security checks are not very stringent. For example, if you order something online and pay when they deliver, the bank may reverse the transaction days after when certain things like eligibility for credit card purchases are verified which might affect your ability to buy anything in the future.

USSD codes allow you to receive information about an ordering upfront because their security measures are assured by your cell phone company automatically before anyone receives the order.

Banks USSD Codes for Loans in Nigeria

The table below shows major banks USSD codes to dial in Nigeria to get personal loans.

Commercial Banks USSD Codes to Dial

Guaranty Trust Bank Loan code 73751*51#

Fidelity Bank Loan code *770#

First Bank Loan code *894#

Wema Bank Loan code *945#

Skye Bank Loan code *833#

Sterling Bank Loan code *822#

Diamond Bank Loan code 71011#

Eco Bank Loan code *326#

Diamond Access Loan code 90111#

FCMB Loan code *389#

Unity Bank Loan code *7799#

UBA Bank Loan code *919#

Union Bank Loan code *826#

Heritage Bank Loan code *322#

Keystone Bank Loan code *533#

Access Bank Loan code *901#

Zenith Bank Loan code *966#


End Note: Although these ussd codes still work in some cases when it comes to loans in Nigeria, the list that we mentioned cannot be guaranteed.

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